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Transformation Coaching


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Transformation Coaching

I am an Impactful Wellbeing Coach who can take you on a transformational journey to find what feeds your soul, lives in alignment with your core values and brings you true joy.


Whether you are thinking of a career change, unsure of what your next steps are or if you just feel completely lost with no direction, I would love to help you.

Questions to ask yourself...


Do you feel trapped on the treadmill of life?


Are you feeling frazzled, invisible, always giving everything to everyone else – and yearning for something more? Some time and space just for you?


Do people constantly take from you without really taking notice of you and your feelings, leaving you feeling drained and desperate for a chance to switch off and re-charge – if only for a few precious minutes?


Do you want to experience inner peace and feel that you have choices? To feel emotionally balanced and empowered to take control, to love yourself, to do the things that feed your soul?

How can I help?


I’ve felt all these things and more. I’ve battled that constant pressure, the endless stress and feeling of being pulled in too many directions… and thought that nothing would ever change.


But it is possible. I know. Because I’ve done it. I’ve been on that journey. It’s not always easy. And there are ups and downs. But you can breakthrough – and it’s the least you deserve. Because you matter, too.


I've turned things around. The journey I’ve been on has totally transformed the way I feel – about myself, about others and about my purpose in life. It’s hard to express the unbelievable freedom and inner peace I now feel. It’s incredible! And it’s what’s motivating me to pay it all back.


I’ve stood in your shoes. Cried in them. Turned me inside-out in them. So I know what you’re feeling. I understand the stress, the sense of never getting a moment to yourself, feeling fed up about always giving all your energy to other people or work without considering your own needs, the anguish and ‘guilt’ of even feeling this way about your family sometimes...


I also fully appreciate that being perimenopausal without realising it can make you feel unable to handle situations and like you’re losing your mind. Mother Nature adding that into the mix really isn’t helpful.


I know that the ability to cope, the confidence, the sense of calm and the control you crave might feel impossible to achieve. But that’s how I felt too. And you can create that positive change.


It’s time to stop. And breathe. To take stock of your health and happiness, to take a step back to re-fuel. The help and support you need is available – you just need to reach out.

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