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To book in with Jacquie Whur | Clinical Hypnotherapist D.Hyp GQHP D.NLP


Phone: 07793 074565



​Hypnosis – What is it and how does it work?

Hypnosis works with the brains ability to rewire itself, this is what’s known as neuroplasticity.  The hypnotic state provides the perfect platform that is required for this rewiring to happen, as it is an effective way of influencing focused attention and its this focus that is needed for the new pathways to be established and strengthened.

With this, then using hypnotic suggestion and the power of the imagination, the mind can then see, hear, feel & experience the desired therapeutic outcome. 


Through the programme of sessions, these new pathways are then continually strengthened, and it is this new pathway that then enables the client to move forward with new thoughts, behaviours, feelings and emotions, and in turn as this pathway becomes stronger then the old one becomes weaker until the connection with old habits, thoughts and behaviours is no longer there. 


Hypnosis is a natural occurring state, often likened to the feeling of daydreaming, you are not out of control at any point, just in an altered state of focus. It is an incredibly relaxing experience and can be used to facilitate therapeutic change or to aid and teach the mind to relax and let go. Learning the ability to do this is crucial to mental health.

Hypnosis is an incredibly effective way of treating a wide range of issues, such as •    Anxiety

•    Weight loss

•    Sugar addiction

•    Alcohol

•    Stress

•    Fears

•    Phobias

•    Smoking cessation

•    Pain

•    IBS and more… 


A large part of my practice has now evolved within the area of weight loss/healthy eating as it encompasses so many different aspects of a persons well being, from social anxiety, self esteem and motivation through to re-establishing the relationship with food, dealing with sugar addictions, banishing the boom and bust mentality of the diet and instead relearning to become a healthy eater.


What we eat plays a role within anxiety, many people use food or alcohol as a crutch for stress, all 3 of these things, food choices, anxiety and stress may be factors that contribute to IBS. Weight gain places more stress on joints, resulting in pain; sugar increases inflammation, the list of connections and links goes on and on…


We really are what we eat! 


Unfortunately the quality of our thoughts around this, alongside the physical factors/symptoms it can create can be a vicious circle that is physically and mentally hard to break. This is where Hypnotherapy can help. 


I am a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind & Motivation Coach & Smoking Cessation Therapist. I am also in the process of completing the NICE approved IBS hypnotherapy training programme. I have Full enhanced DBS check and insured.

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