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Hello I am Nick Clarke

Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist.


I have been practicing as a psychotherapist and counsellor for over a decade, much of that time in a clinical environment and here in Southwell. 

My Story

My qualification is as an Integrative therapist which means that I may use a variety of techniques and practices including CBT and Mindfulness to help my clients according to their individual needs and requirements. This suits my person-centred, informal counselling style which I find is a great way of dealing with all sorts of issues from anxiety, depression and stress  to phobias, relationship and bereavement crises. I am also qualified as a hypnotherapist so that can be a useful tool employed either as a separate treatment or part of the counselling process, if required.

I am aware that not all my clients have the same needs or are receptive to the same techniques so I use whichever  the client is most comfortable with in order to give the best chance of success.


Nick Clarke

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