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The Southwell Wellbeing Centre Team


Claire Tavernor - Founder / Owner Of Nourish Your Wellbeing With Claire Tavernor

Claire opened Southwell Wellbeing Centre in April 2019 with a big dream to inspire, motivate and encourage others to ‘be kind to yourself.’  ​There was and still is a very valid and genuine reason for this.

Claire realises the importance of self care, that is not selfish or indulgent but massively important. Claire is a doTERRA wellness advocate. As a busy mum if she is not right then the whole family is out of sync. Claire stresses that we all need to learn to love and care for ourselves more. Nourish Your Wellbeing is something she encourages for both her clients and the team at The Southwell Wellbeing Centre.


Impactful Wellbeing Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach which incorporates Yoga Nidra. Certified Breath Work Course, Level 3 Personal Trainer.



Fozia Mushtaq MPharm, IP RejuvaPharm Clinic - Aesthetics & Skincare

I am a registered pharmacist prescriber with almost twenty years of pharmacy experience within the NHS and community sectors.


Graduating from King’s College London, I started my career at Boots the Chemist in London and then joined The Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  I have always enjoyed challenging myself and meeting new people and so continued my journey in pharmacy gaining experience in various roles from managing independent pharmacies to developing myself as a clinical trials pharmacist, and later specialising in the pharmaceutical management of Head and Neck patients.


My journey in the world of aesthetics started at a young age with an interest in skincare and non-surgical treatments.  To combine my interest in skincare with my pharmaceutical knowledge and skills, I completed my aesthetic training in delivering anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments in 2019.  I am currently completing my Level 7 Qualification in Injectables in Aesthetic Medicine to advance my skills.


There are a variety of non-surgical injectable treatments available today along with many skin care products and skin treatments.  I only offer treatments and skincare that are proven to achieve for lines and wrinkles, facial enhancements using dermal fillers, as well as skin rejuvenation through micro-needling, injectable skin boosters, and resurfacing.  


I am fascinated by the results that can be achieved through non-surgical treatments and effective skincare and the positive effects it can have on the individual.  Following a detailed consultation, I will create a bespoke plan based on your aesthetic goals. I recognise the importance of understanding you and feel strongly that treatments should enhance the natural you and must be delivered safely and ethically.


My aim is to understand you and your skin concerns and how I can help rejuvenate your skin so that you look good and feel good.  


You can be assured of a warm, open and friendly approach with expert advice and information and no obligation.


Get in touch for information, booking or advice: Visit:

M: 07305572158


IG: @rejuvapharmclinic


Vanessa Fairley - Holistic Therapy Practitioner

Vanessa is a Holistic Therapy Practitioner with over 15 years of experience in complementary Health. She has a huge passion for seeking an alternative way to self-care.
Her range of qualifications in this field allow her to offer treatments to accommodate each person. Level 3 Qualified in Anatomy, Physiology & Massage and Massage and achieving Diplomas in both Aromatherapy & Reflexology, Reiki I & II, Indian Head Massage & Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling).
Her interests in these fields have further made her explore alternative techniques to pain management attending a training course to become an Emmett Technique Practitioner.


To book an appointment Book Online or email:


Image (2).jpeg

Nick Clark – Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist

I have been practicing as a psychotherapist and counsellor for over a decade, much of that time in a clinical environment and here in Southwell. My qualification is as an Integrative therapist which means that I may use a variety of techniques and practices including CBT and Mindfulness to help my clients according to their individual needs and requirements. This suits my person-centred, informal counselling style which I find is a great way of dealing with all sorts of issues from anxiety, depression and stress  to phobias, relationship and bereavement crises. I am also qualified as a hypnotherapist so that can be a useful tool employed either as a separate treatment or part of the counselling process, if required.

I am aware that not all my clients have the same needs or are receptive to the same techniques so I use whichever  the client is most comfortable with in order to give the best chance of success.

Appointments with Nick: Email:


Seti Singleton-Lee - Soft Tissue Specialist

Seti has over 5 years of experience working in professional sports. Over this period, he has been assistant Sports Therapist for the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Club, as well as match day cover for the club. In addition, he has worked with a variety of elite and recreational athletes as well desk bound workers in private practice.


Seti’s special interests include biomechanical assessments which he has found to be useful with all types of individual but specifically power lifters, sports injuries, mechanical lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension. He designs his treatments around the individual to increase range of movement, flexibility, and reduce muscular tensions to assist with sports performance and everyday functional activities.


He is qualified to perform a wide array of sports & remedial massage/musculoskeletal treatments to progress clients to achieve their desired goals such as; heat therapy, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, Neuromuscular techniques, mobilisation (grades 1-4) and myofascial release in conjunction with exercise rehabilitation.

Soft Tissue Appointments with Seti: Available Fridays 9 - 7pm at Southwell Wellbeing Centre


Tel: 07565297830


CryoRefresh - Cryo Theraphy & Laser Hair Removal Services.

Cryo Refresh – Specialising in Sports Recovery, Health and Wellbeing & Beauty. 


A family run business, offering that personal touch to improving your health and wellbeing, all facing their own unique challenges.


The Team:

Julie-Ann Jones – Wholebody Cryotherapy Operator & Laser Hair Removal Technician

Phil Jones - Wholebody Cryotherapy Operator

Kayleigh Jones (Kay) -  Wholebody Cryotherapy Operator & Laser Hair Removal Technician

 Saskia (Sas) – Wholebody Cryotherapy Operator & Laser Hair Removal Technician


What is whole body Cryotheraphy?

Whole body cryotherapy is the revolutionary procedure with proven results in the worlds of medicine, sports, beauty & wellness

The procedure consists of exposing the body to extreme temperatures, to as low as -196c for three minutes, however the optimal temperatures for the maximum benefits is -120c to -140c. These low temperatures are achieved thanks to the cold vapour from liquid nitrogen that is released into the cryo chamber.

This exposure to such temperatures makes the body release endorphins, the chemicals in the body that not only make you feel great, but have proven anti-inflammatory and analgesic affects which stimulate our immune systems.

Cryotherapy is endorsed by athletes and elite sportsmen and women and every day has more and more followers in the worlds of beauty, health and wellness.

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

We use the latest evolution in laser hair removal technologies SMARTDiode. SMARTDiode is superfast, safe and pain free! It uses selected wavelengths of low energy light, delivered in pulses onto the skin to gently heat the hair follicles in the target area. This in turn causes terminal damage to the hairs chromphores, preventing hair regrowth.

To book a session or to find out more, please email:  or visit


Sophie Matkin - Colon Hydrotherapist 

Sophie specialises in Colon Hydrotherapy and is part of the R.I.C.T.A.T association which is recognised by its high standards in this field of Treatment.

Sophie is passionate about helping her Clients with an holistic approach to support your mind and body and shares her expertise on healthy living and lifestyle. 

Additionally Sophie is a qualified level 3 massage therapist of 8 years who has taken her techniques overseas at fitness retreats. Sophie has also had this treatment for many of years before she trained, as she was frequently being trigged by certain foods in her diet which impacted her lifestyle. 

Sophie will support you on your detox journey from Consultation, Treatment to aftercare.  Colon Hydrotherapy has an endless list of benefits which helps to support your mood, digestion, skin, sleep and plenty more! 

Sophie is available for Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments on; 

Saturday 9-5pm 
Sunday 10-3 pm 
Monday 9-5 pm 

Instagram: gratitude_colonics


Fiona Cameron - Physiotherapist HCPC, MCSP, Dip Phys Bsc Hons.

Fiona is a Chartered Physiotherapist of over 30 years experience. She specialises in a wide range of Musculoskeletal conditions whether acute injuries, long term chronic or arthritic problems, Sports Injuries and post operative rehabilitation.

Having qualified in 1987, she worked at the QMC in Nottingham for 9 years, followed by the Nuffield Hospital and various Private Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Practices in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

Her treatment will always consider your own aims, aspiration and lifestyle as a person - one size never fits all!  She believes that we all have more potential to regain and improve our chosen activities than we realise. You might want to return to walking your dog, or to enter your first triathlon, or get on top of your neck pain during harvest on your farm.

Fiona strongly believes that a thorough assessment followed by an empathetic, clear explanation of the nature of your problem, hands on treatment combined with user friendly exercises are the key to recovery, whether from a recent injury, or in improving and managing more longstanding conditions.

She offers personalised, experienced Physiotherapy to help you to overcome or manage your musculoskeletal injury or you can get on with your life.

For appointments and more info :
mobile: 07753609120



Jacquie Whur – Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jacquie Whur is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been in private practice for the last 5 years. She is delighted to join the Wellbeing team and expand her practice into Southwell. Over the years she has helped her clients overcome a wide range of issues including fears, phobias, anxiety, smoking cessation and sports performance.

Appointments with Jacquie: Available at Southwell Wellbeing Centre by appointment.

You can contact her via: 07793 074565 and learn more about her treatments via:


Malena Hallahan – Hallahan CPsychol PgDip MSc BSc (Hons)

Chartered Psychologist and HCPC registered Malena has over 20 years experience in the field of Mental and Physical Health Psychology for both NHS and the private sector. She provides cutting edge psychological interventions for various emotional and mental health difficulties such as Anxiety, Panic attacks, Phobias, OCD, Depression as well as relationship problems and provides Anger and Stress management skills. Apart from working with various mental health difficulties Malena is a specialist psychologist in the field of Chronic Pain, Physical Health problems and Addictions. Her main treatments include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion focused therapy and Mindfulness.

Appointments with Malena: Available Mondays 9 - 6pm at Southwell Wellbeing Centre by appointment.

Contact Malena via email: or call 0 7581 710208 

Josh Bio.jpg

Josh Makinson -
MSc Physiotherapy, BSc Sports Rehabilitation

Josh's career in injury rehabilitation began due to a hip injury which
made him seek regular physiotherapy. Josh obtained a BSc Sports
Rehabilitation in 2010. He toured the UK with Master’s Football and then
worked under the guidance of Owen Robinson MD of Physio Direct. Looking
to progress his career in injury and rehabilitation, Josh completed his
MSc in Physiotherapy. His clinical training, coupled with previous
experience in rehabilitation, has resulted in treatment approaches
designed to maximally restore function to his patients whilst
underpinning the cause and overall injury prevention.

Josh has over 10 years of working in various sectors of physiotherapy
including private clinics, occupational health, and elite sports. He now
treats a wide range of patients from the sedentary to Elite athletes.
Josh's passion for helping patients achieve their goals in health and
wellbeing set the foundations of JM Physiotherapy Ltd which he set up to
offer hands on affordable physiotherapy to all.

With hands on physiotherapy at the forefront of what we do, Josh
combines treatment techniques such as joint mobilisation, manipulations
and soft tissue release to enable patients to achieve their optimal
potential. Josh is keen to educate his patients on self-management
rehabilitation and for them to understand the cause and therefore the
prevention of the problem.

For appointments and more info :

mob: 07871035073
tel: 0115 855 6536


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