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Claire Tavernor - Founder

Claire opened Southwell Wellbeing Centre in April 2019 with a big dream to inspire, motivate and encourage others to ‘be kind to yourself.’  ​There was and still is a very valid and genuine reason for this.

Claire has always had a love and passion for exercise but tended to push herself to the limit all of the time and regularly suffered with chronic pain or injury.

Claire realises the importance of self care, that is not selfish or indulgent but massively important. As a busy mum if she is not right then the whole family is out of sync. Claire stresses that we all need to learn to love and care for ourselves more. Be kind to yourself is something she encourages for both her clients and the team at The Southwell Wellbeing Centre.


Jane Ratcliffe – Dip. Reflexology M.H.A.R.
Reiki Level II Practitioner

Jane has been involved in health and well-being for 36 years, initially qualifying as a nurse and working within the National Health Service. She has lived in Farnsfield with her husband since 1988.

After starting a family, Jane qualified as a reflexologist in 1991. She began working from home but was soon invited to establish a reflexology service at Aqua Sana in Center Parcs (Sherwood Forest) where she continued for around 10 years, during which time reflexology became more recognised and popular.

In recent years, Jane has also become a Reiki Practitioner and can combine Reiki with her Reflexology sessions when requested by clients.

‘I am passionate about helping clients take time out from their busy, and often stressful lives. I never tire of seeing their tension melt away. It has become more and more apparent to me just how important it is to give clients the time and comfort they deserve to truly unwind and recharge their batteries.

I undertake professional development each year, attending courses and workshops to expand and enhance the knowledge and skills that I have acquired over almost 30 years.’


Tel: 07786655383

Malena Hallahan – Hallahan CPsychol PgDip MSc BSc (Hons)

Chartered Psychologist and HCPC registered Malena has over 20 years experience in the field of Mental and Physical Health Psychology for both NHS and the private sector. She provides cutting edge psychological interventions for various emotional and mental health difficulties such as Anxiety, Panic attacks, Phobias, OCD, Depression as well as relationship problems and provides Anger and Stress management skills. Apart from working with various mental health difficulties Malena is a specialist psychologist in the field of Chronic Pain, Physical Health problems and Addictions. Her main treatments include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion focused therapy and Mindfulness.

Appointments with Malena: Available Mondays 9 - 6pm at Southwell Wellbeing Centre by appointment.

Contact Malena via email: or call 0 7581 710208 

Jacqui Peet DipRM(MSM) - Remedial Massage

Jacqui Peet DipRM(MSM) Qualified at the Midlands School of Massage(Nottingham)1995 & is a Member of NAMMT-the National Association of Massage & Manipulative Therapists & CNHC-Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.

Regular development training has included Aromatherapy, First Aid Homeopathy, Indian Head Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Structural Kinesiology.

Remedial Massage and Indian Head Massage Sessions are available
On Tuesday's 4pm - 8pm at the Wellbeing Centre

Other days & times are possible.

Please contact to book on: 07814 589936 or email:

Sam Wilson - Sacred Goddess and Mindfulness Coach

Sam Wilson is dedicated to the healing practises of Mindfulness, Meditation, Sound, Energy
Healing and Female Empowerment coaching.

She started her path over 20 years ago when she was introduced to Reiki and is now certified at Master levels in many modalities and combines all these sacred and transformative tools to heal and empower females through all stages of their cyclical life.

Sam has spent the last 6 years in Miami where she was a teacher at the leading school “ Mediate, School of Mindfulness” she led meditation retreats & certification workshops. As well as being a facilitator of the “Red Tent” a unique sisterhood gathering based on female awakening, womb
wisdom, healing and friendship.

Teaching is her passion, as it is how we can change the world.

You can train with Sam in the following programs in person or online - (no previous experience is needed)
Mindful Immersion Course
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Certification
Yoga Nidra Teacher Certification
Reiki Level 1 through to Masters (no online options)

Sam will also be holding weekly workshops based around Mindfulness living & various meditations, including Nidra and Sound Baths.

Private 1-1 Female Life coaching is tailored to the individuals need, whether this is healing from
the past, handling life in the now or building towards your future. You can connect with Sam to arrange you complimentary wellness chat to learn more.

You can read reviews from Sam’s clients and students on her facebook page “ Sacred Goddess Rising”

Appointments with Sam -
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 10am - 330pm
Wednesday 6pm - 830pm
Friday 10am-1230pm
Saturday 8am - 10.30am

Contact Sam via email to or call 07904188591 

Seti Singleton-Lee - Soft Tissue Specialist

Seti has over 5 years of experience working in professional sports. Over this period, he has been assistant Sports Therapist for the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Club, as well as match day cover for the club. In addition, he has worked with a variety of elite and recreational athletes as well desk bound workers in private practice.


Seti’s special interests include biomechanical assessments which he has found to be useful with all types of individual but specifically power lifters, sports injuries, mechanical lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension. He designs his treatments around the individual to increase range of movement, flexibility, and reduce muscular tensions to assist with sports performance and everyday functional activities.


He is qualified to perform a wide array of sports & remedial massage/musculoskeletal treatments to progress clients to achieve their desired goals such as; heat therapy, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, Neuromuscular techniques, mobilisation (grades 1-4) and myofascial release in conjunction with exercise rehabilitation.

Soft Tissue Appointments with Seti: Available Fridays 9 - 7pm at Southwell Wellbeing Centre


Tel: 07565297830

Jacquie Whur – Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jacquie Whur is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been in private practice for the last 5 years. She is delighted to join the Wellbeing team and expand her practice into Southwell. Over the years she has helped her clients overcome a wide range of issues including fears, phobias, anxiety, smoking cessation and sports performance.

Appointments with Jacquie: Available at Southwell Wellbeing Centre by appointment.

You can contact her via: 07793 074565 and learn more about her treatments via:

Mariam Donovan - Registered Nutritional Therapist BA (hons) Dip BCNH mBANT CNHC

“I love empowering people to take control of their own health by helping them identify things in their diet and lifestyle that they are able to change.  I start by listening, to understand you and your needs, and provide a clear, manageable plan to help you feel better and get more out of life.”

Mariam is an experienced nutritional therapist who has been practising since 2007. 

Mariam has comprehensive experience in looking after health and wellbeing within corporate environments including wellbeing programmes, health screening and seminar delivery.  

Appointments with Mariam: Available at Southwell Wellbeing Centre Mondays 10-2 by appointment.

please get in touch via email at or email us at the Southwell Wellbeing Centre:

Jennifer Waters – Wellbeing Coach and Hypnotherapist

Jenny has a diploma in life coaching and is a certified youth coach with extensive CPD in wellbeing. She is passionate about meditation which she has practised for 25 years. She has spent 15 years in education, heavily involved in the pastoral care of young people and has been a Wellbeing Coach at Bilborough Sixth Form College and Nottingham Trent University for the last three years. She supports young people in caring for their own mental and emotional wellbeing and uses a combination of coaching and proven strategies to help overcome stress, anxiety, low mood, self-defeating behaviours and poor time management, as well as raise self-esteem and set and reach personal goals. Jenny also coaches adults, including senior leaders in business and education and is a qualified hypnotherapist, using hypnotherapy alongside the coaching. She runs meditation groups and wellbeing workshops in businesses, universities and schools and has taught over one thousand people to meditate.


Appointments with Jenny: Available Mondays 9 – 4.30 pm at Southwell Wellbeing Centre by appointment and some availability on other days also. Contact Jenny via email: or call 07734 419255

Jill Harbey - Reflexologist 

Jill specialise’s in Reflexology which she has been practising for 12 years. In 2014 Jill graduated in Clinical Reflexology, attaining the UK’s highest standard, Centralia Mastership Level 5. This diverse qualification enables her to adapt to individual client needs to help deal with a wide range of conditions. Additionally, Jill is a practitioner in Vertical Reflexology Therapy (VRT) and is a full member of The Association of Reflexologists, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) & Professional Reflexology Member.


Reflexology Appointments with Jill: Available on Tuesday’s 9.30am until 8pm, but also available on request for other days. Contact her via email: or mobile number 07810 712737 for any queries. You can learn more about her treatments via:

Sarah Carley – Level 4 Beauty Specialist offering Microblading, Thread Vein, Face- Millia & Skin Tag Removal

Sarah has been a beauty therapist for over 13 years and loves every aspect of her job. She is the owner of Complexions in Daybrook and has expanded into the areas of beauty with a more specialist nature such as Microblading, thread veins and skin tag removal.

I have known Claire for over 15 years and love the ethos she has for her business and her vision- I was keen to expand into Southwell and am delighted to join the team. 


For Aesthetics clinic dates and to book an appointment with Sarah at the Southwell Wellbeing Centre please  


Nick Clark – Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist

I have been practicing as a psychotherapist and counsellor for over a decade, much of that time in a clinical environment and here in Southwell. My qualification is as an Integrative therapist which means that I may use a variety of techniques and practices including CBT and Mindfulness to help my clients according to their individual needs and requirements. This suits my person-centred, informal counselling style which I find is a great way of dealing with all sorts of issues from anxiety, depression and stress  to phobias, relationship and bereavement crises. I am also qualified as a hypnotherapist so that can be a useful tool employed either as a separate treatment or part of the counselling process, if required.

I am aware that not all my clients have the same needs or are receptive to the same techniques so I use whichever  the client is most comfortable with in order to give the best chance of success.

Appointments with Nick: Email:

Angela Fawcett - Bowen Therapy

Angela became a devotee of Bowen Therapy many years ago, when her osteopath began practising the technique on her as an alternative treatment for chronic lower back pain. Since then Bowen has been Angela’s go-to treatment to address all sorts of conditions, not just chronic and acute back pain, but also hayfever, sinusitis, and clicky-jaw issues! She felt so passionate about Bowen and the benefits it could bring that, once time and other work commitments permitted, she was determined to study the technique herself. Now a fully qualified practitioner, she is delighted to be able to offer the holistic experience of Bowen to others: her passion for this relaxing and restorative therapy, and the satisfaction and joy she derives from helping others through its medium, grows by the day!

07801 257 081

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