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The Southwell Wellbeing Centre - Claire Tavernor

Claire opened Southwell Wellbeing Centre in April 2019 with a big  dream to inspire, motivate and encourage others to ‘be kind to yourself.’ Claire’s strong belief in this ethos has led her to launch Nourish Your Wellbeing.

There was and still is a very valid and genuine reason for this.

Claire has always had a love and passion for exercise but tended to push herself to the limit all of the time and regularly suffered with chronic pain or injury.

On reflection she also realised that the reason she had pushed herself to all of these extremes was because her own head was not in a great place, exercise had become her escape, her control. But as with anything taken to an extreme, this came at a price.

Chronic pain was the result of over exercising, exercising on injury and also holding her body tight with anxiety. Postnatal depression, along with various other things led to low mood  and anxiety.

At her lowest point Claire realised that she had to do something to change this and embarked on a very holistic journey to try and change it. She realised that she needed to relearn to love herself and be kind to herself.

Over a couple of years, she had counselling, hypnotherapy went on Mindset courses, took more time out for Mindfulness, treatments, massages and just general Wellbeing.


She really learnt and understood that Mind and Body are connected, and need to be treated as so.


Claire now fully realises the importance of self-care, that it is not selfish or indulgent but massively important. As a busy mum if she is not right then the whole family is out of sync.


Claire stresses that we all need to learn to love and care for ourselves more. Nourish Your Wellbeing is something she encourages for both her clients and the team at The Southwell Wellbeing Centre.


The Southwell Wellbeing Centre team are all very passionate about the Centre being a place where EVERYONE is welcome, all ages and genders.  A place where people can come and feel safe, secure and welcome. Where you can relax and fully immerse yourself in your Wellbeing.

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