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In April 2019, Claire established the Southwell Wellbeing Centre with a mission to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to prioritise their self-care. Her unwavering belief in this philosophy drove her to become a Belief Coding®️ and full potential coach. Offering Mind Navigation®️, mindfulness & meditation, breath work and essential oils.


Claire's personal experiences with chronic pain and injury resulted from her tendency to push herself to the limit in her passion for exercise. Upon reflection, she realized that her exercise regime had become an escape and a means of control due to personal issues. However, her excessive exercise regimen came at a cost, causing her to suffer from chronic pain and anxiety. She experienced postnatal depression and low moods.


Through her journey, Claire learned the importance of self-care and the impact it has on the whole family. She believes that everyone should learn to love and care for themselves more. The Southwell Wellbeing Centre team shares her passion for creating a safe and welcoming space for people of all ages and genders to prioritize their wellbeing. At the center, visitors can relax and immerse themselves in a variety of treatments and services to enhance their overall wellbeing.

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