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Hello I am Claire Tavenor

The ADHD Holistic Coach & Mentor, as well as the founder and Owner of Southwell Wellbeing Centre.

Claire opened Southwell Wellbeing Centre in April 2019 with a big dream to inspire, motivate and encourage others to ‘be kind to yourself.’

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About me:

I'm Claire, a certified ADHD Practitioner, know as the ADHD Holistic Coach & Mentor, as well as the Founder and Owner of Southwell Wellbeing Centre. When I opened the centre in April 2019, my primary aim was to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to practice self-compassion. I firmly believe that our thoughts profoundly influence our lives, and nurturing our well-being is crucial for attaining genuine inner peace and happiness.


I empower "lucky" women to drop the weight of "having it all" and move from disconnected and lost, to fulfilled and found.

Does this sound familiar?

On the outside you appear to have it all, the house, the husband, the job, the family - you should be grateful right?

But inside you feel like you are dying, you cannot get your ‘shit’ together and you just do not understand why?

You have tried the mindset work, you have worked on yourself, done some journaling and perhaps even meditation, but it does not and has not filled that ‘void’.

You feel so guilty for feeling this way as after all, ‘you have it all’ and you SHOULD be grateful, happy, fulfilled - but you just aren’t and you don’t know what to do to change this!

So tied up in perfection, and pleasing everyone else, you have forgotten how to love the authentic you, in fact who even is the ‘authentic you’ you don’t even know that anymore?

Ladies, I hear you as this was me.

I have been on this treadmill too and it is why I am so passionate about supporting women to know that this can change, there is a choice and there is a life of absolute abundance, joy and inner peace … and yes, you can create success on YOUR terms.

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