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What will you take from your time in lock down?

What will you take from your time in lock down?

From talking to various people, I think there has been very very mixed feelings about lock down.

For some people this has absolutely heightened anxiety to their limits. Others say they are bored. Yet many say that aside from understanding all of the horrible, very real sadness that is going on, it has actually given them a time to reflect, relax, unwind, get off the treadmill and just enjoy BEING.

For me, I have really tried to take this time to try and catch up with the lots of things I wanted to do, but never had time, but more importantly I have spent the time really trying to CONNECT with MYSELF. I did not just want to ‘waste’ the time we have never had before and maybe never will again. I have listened to so many Podcasts and read a few books that have inspired and motivated me. They have really given me food for thought and reminded me of how small but valuable changes in my life could make a BIG difference. They have reminded me that I have choices and it is up to ME to take control about what I want out of life, how I CHOOSE to react to situations and the decisions I make. I am a really sensitive person, and it can be my biggest downfall for my mental wellbeing. I know that I definitely need to not take things to heart as much and still need to grow a thicker skin, but you know what it is, it is who I am I don’t want to change that because it is part of who I am. I have definitely clarified my values and at last, feel very comfortable and strong with who I am. I know it is a really unusual time, but we do still have choices. Choices on how we want to live our life, who we let in it, and how we let things affect us. We can take this time we have now to truly reflect and find out what it is exactly we want when the ‘pause’ button on ‘normal life’ is put back on ‘play’ . #bekindtoyourself💕 #weareheretohelp❤️


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