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We are back! But only in part!

Wow!!!!!!! What a whirlwind of emotions these last 24 hours have been!

Ecstatic to see a news flash on my phone that all BEAUTY SALONS could open ... surely that meant the green light had been given for all of our services at The Wellbeing Centre

Not quite that simple unfortunately ...

All of our therapists are self employed and therefore have to adhere to their own governing bodies & insurers.

Some of who have not yet given instructions or it is still a bit unclear...

Others that have now been given the go ahead but obviously with defined COVID guidelines that the therapists need to get in place & sorted but it won’t happen overnight.

Others still have really big restrictions as in Beauty does not include any treatment on the FACE !

A few are all ready to go !!! But even with these therapists we have to work out timings to clean down after each appointment etc.

So our normally fantastic on line booking service isn’t really accurately useable either at this point in time

So we are asking our gorgeous clients to please bear with us whilst we get this sorted?

We have a lot to do but want to be back up and running as soon as possible.

I will be posting on our Facebook & Instagram pages and also on our blogs as well as via email and newsletter... if you are not already on our system and would like to be to get the information please message me here

Or join the Wix system on our website.


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