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Today is a good day!


Try getting out of bed every morning and saying this (even if you don’t always feel it!)

It creates positivity from the offset and makes the day ahead so much more approachable.

During lockdown and especially today I have been trying to do this and it definitely works.

What is going on in the outside world is just unthinkable and sometimes just unbearable, but sadly we cannot change that (as much as I so wish we could). I know the best thing I can do to help this situation is to stay at home and stay safe.

I now really try not to worry about what I cannot change. If we worry about things that we think MIGHT happen we waste so much unnecessary energy and headspace and can drive ourselves mad.

It adds to anxiety and low mood, and we do not even know if it is going to happen!

So try whenever you can, not to worry about what you can’t change and instead focus on what you can?

YOU DECIDE how YOU LET the situation make you feel. YOU decide how you are going to let others make you feel, who you let affect or influence you.

Though it may not feel like it at the moment, this situation is NOT going to last forever, so let’s make the most of a bad situation and try where we can enjoy it, we may never get this precious time again.

Try and live day by day. There will be tough days. I think if we are honest, we are all having them (well I know I am), accept them and know that tomorrow will be better, and usually it is. We have been so very blessed with this AMAZING WEATHER, be grateful, connect with the beautiful blue skies and the birds singing so loudly.

Concentrate on doing something for YOU.

I have had a ‘beauty day’ today and had so much fun just on my own! (sad but true). I put my doTERRA Wild orange in the diffuser (it soo lifts your mood) and put some music on. I have laughed my head off trying to dye my hair for the first time on my own and then for some reason thought I could be really clever and tint my eyebrows and eyelashes (please see the photos!) I exfoliated with the homemade body scrub Emma Richens made me for my birthday which was AWESOME (and so much more appreciated when made with love by someone). I did a PINK Boutiqe face scrub and then a mask (all organic). I actually dried and straightened my hair for the first time in ages and I FEEL GREAT!!

Life is what we make it, laugh at yourself, try and see the positives, keep connecting and BE KIND TO YOURSELF.


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