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Please see below the article that was featured in The Bramley Newspaper this month.

Our mental wellbeing therapists are all on hand to help!

You can speak via email or phone initially and then if necessary via Facetime/Zoom. This is all COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and please do not hesitate to contact us if you are struggling. Email us on:

We also have a team who have kindly volunteered their help who do not work at The Wellbeing Centre or may not be fully qualified but are training in it or work in the Mental Wellbeing Sector and know a lot about it. (thank you to these people who have approached me)

I am not qualified in mental wellbeing but have lived this anxiety and low mood and know how VERY REAL this all feels, and have had a LOT of mental wellbeing sessions and know what has helped me. I would also be happy to just talk to people if that is just what is needed and then if necessary can signpost you to the relevant therapist.

Please use our service... we WANT TO HELP.


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