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I LOVE doTERRA oils and products

Soo excited to receive my doTERRA order today 🏼🏼... even more so because all of the products on the left hand side of the picture were completely FREE due to the amazing Loyalty Reward Point Scheme that DoTERRA offer and a fabulous monthly promotion for May.

The fantastic thing about DoTERRA is all of their oils are 100% natural and safe. So pure you can even take them orally as they are all  CPTG( Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) ... 

Not only do DoTERRA have these amazing ORGANIC oils they also do a range of NATURAL supplements, NON TOXIC Cleaning products and toiletries including deodorants, skincare, shampoo, conditioners and soaps.

These amazing products are a natural alternative to enhance yours and your family’s physical and emotional health.

I absolutely ️️️️ these products.. I have really really connected with them during lockdown.

You can get 25% off retail prices for a full year for only  £24.

With this you also get me ( a wellness advocate) to support, help and teach how you can use the oils specifically for YOU and yours.

If you would like to know more about the oils, with no obligation please click the link here 

Or contact me directly 



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