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How are we feeling about lockdown coming to an end?

How are we all feeling now that Lockdown seems to be coming to an end?

There seems to be such a varied opinion on this when I speak to people.

Some people are really glad and just want things back to normal as soon as possible.

Others would rather take it very slow and feel very anxious about going out again and don’t even feel happy going back out where they are not entirely control of the 2m radius, or simply just do not feel ready to be out and about again amongst people. Lots are in between the two, know they have to go back out to the shops etc and are happy to do so but are still a bit worried about how you can make everyone social distance by 2m. They still feel a bit claustrophobic with people around them now. Whatever your feeling is, there is no right or wrong. We really all have to take this at our own pace at how WE are feeling about it. I always say SMALL STEPS ARE THE BEST! And I think with this situation it is more true and relevant than ever. Just like going INTO lockdown was unprecendented times, so is coming OUT of lockdown. No one has been here before, lived this or can tell us how we should be feeling about it. We take this at our own pace, in our own small steps. As we start going out a little more we can feel a bit more comfortable each time and this hopefully breaks the fear down into small achievable steps. So if you are really worried about going out, set yourself little goals every day. Day 1 can even just be to the end of your street and back. Build it up in whatever way makes YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE. BE KIND TO YOURSELF If this is a big concern or worry for you, we still have the Mental Wellbeing team available to talk to free of charge and we would be really happy to help. Life has changed and cannot yet go back to ‘the old normal’, we have to get used to the ‘new normal’ but taking that slowly in your own pace, small steps, being kind to yourself is absolutely key. #bekindtoyourself💕 #weareheretohelp❤️


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