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What have I learnt about Meditation?

Meditation is something that I have always wanted to do, but always struggled with.

In the past, I have tried several times to get into a regular routine with it and just found my mind wandered or the next thing I knew I was waking up after it had all finished!! 🤷‍♀️

I have a busy mind so trying to keep it still, seemed an impossible task.

I was always on the go, so as soon as I sat down and even slightly relaxed, I fell asleep!

I have for a while regularly practiced Mindfulness in the conscious state of mind, so when walking, watching or just being and I have on occasions been able to do a little meditation when on my walks, that I love.

So when lock down came and I knew that I definitely needed to do something to support my mental wellbeing, MEDITATION came back on my list as one of the things to try again….. and now I am hooked.

I have been doing Jennifer Waters FREE Zoom meditation sessions, and I think I have learnt why they were not working for me in the past:

1) I did them at night sometimes lying in bed when I was tired (which is great if you are using meditation as a way to help you sleep – I can vouch that it definitely works! 😄)

2) I was putting too much pressure on myself to get it exactly right, never wander off, have a great focus EVERYTIME

3) I need to CONNECT with the person doing the session whether virtually or in reality (or via Zoom in my case). I DEFINITELY need Guided Meditations that tell me what to do.

4) I needed a regular, scheduled time to do it to keep me on track, especially to begin with.Since doing Jennifer’s sessions I have felt soo calm, so in control and so at peace with myself. I can honestly say I cannot remember feeling this content and at peace with myself for years and years. In fact, I actually cannot remember feeling like this.

I am not saying this is all just down to meditation, I have been working on myself a lot and I definitely know that connecting with the doTERRA essential oils on a personal and emotional level has absolutely helped me.

However, what I can say is how WONDERFUL & RELAXED I feel after the sessions. Jenny has really made me see that meditation is not about getting it exactly right and some sessions will be better than others, but there is no judgement on that.

Go with the flow, be kind to yourself, just be and accept it for what it is and how it goes.

I do this now and am getting soo much more out of the sessions.

After the session yesterday morning I was so productive, my motivation high and just wanted to get so much done. It really helped me.

So much so that I am now looking for further guided meditations that I connect with so I can do it every day.

Sometimes we just need to get over the first great big obstacle that stands in our way of ourselves (sorry for swearing but I call it my scary shit zone). Find a route that works for us! Help ourselves, because when we do and we realise how great it makes us feel, the more we will want to do it.

Jenny’s next session is tomorrow (Wednesday 29th) at 8.30am and is completely FREE. Here is an invite to the session.

Jennifer Waters is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Wednesday Morning Meditation

Time: Apr 29, 2020 08:30 AM London

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Meeting ID: 718 8044 0458

Password: 1YSLKQ


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