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Facebook post - Mindful tips

I went up to Southwell Wellbeing Centre yesterday just to check everything was ok and it made me realise just how much I am missing it, the fabulous people who work there and our amazing clients ❤️❤️❤️

It is our first birthday this month 😱😳, and we had lots of plans how to celebrate it that are now on hold.

But hold is all it is ! We will be back! Although it may not feel like it now, this will be a short time in our lives that we will reflect on in the future and hopefully see all of the positives that came out of this.

Time to get off the busy treadmill of life, enjoy precious time with our family, realise what is important to us, be able to appreciate what we have, rather than what we don’t.

Thinking positive thoughts can change our mood and mindset it releases happy hormones which make us feel better.

I’m not saying this is always easy ( and we have other posts coming on how to manage this) but try it.....

Where possible get out in your garden today, get fresh air, vitamin D from the sun, appreciate the beauty of nature.

The more we tell our mind that we are happy, the more it will believe it !

Positive affirmations and thoughts alone can really help.

Short moments, many times - creates a habit .... being calm and kind creates a positive feeling and is a distraction.

Enjoy this beautiful day safely with lots of positive thoughts

Please contact us on: if you are struggling with anxiety through this time.... our mental wellbeing team are on hand to help offering a FREE email service which is strictly confidential.

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