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This was the view from my bedroom window this morning .. it took my breath away .. the colours are amazing 😍😍... My goal over this unprecedented period was to practise more mindfulness and meditation and so far I am doing ok ... could be better, (but I’m trying to be kind to myself), so ok .. better with the mindfulness than the meditation to be honest... Setting yourself some realistic achievable goals is a good way to distract yourself away from the present situation. Maybe set yourself one goal a day as something to try and achieve, or maybe one thing over the isolation period that you have been meaning to do for yourself for ages. These could include reading a chapter of your book every day, a chapter in the self help book you have always meant to read, listening to a podcast, a meditation, making the playlist you never had time to create, cooking that recipe that caught your eye ages ago , an exercise workout ... anything but something that will make you feel happy you have achieved it and will make you feel good about yourself for doing it... Small steps, more often are always the best❤️ #bekindtoyourself💕💕 #weareheretohelp❤️


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