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COVID-19 Perspective advice from Nick Clark

Perspective is a difficult thing. We are always concerned with the now, first and foremost. We wake up dreading the trip to the dentist, then a few hours later we’re back to crunching on a bag of crisps; at least I am. This current crisis is the same. It looms very large because it affects all of our life for the moment. We don’t know how long that moment will last and that makes us anxious. It’s very difficult to see beyond it, but if we look at the first signs of recovery in China, we can see that after three months it will start to be a little more under control. Life will begin to return to normal. That’s not very long in the scheme of things however disruptive it all is at the moment. It’s only like thinking back to Christmas really. It might be a good idea to watch a few holiday videos and plan where you’re going to go when its done. It’s going to be a harvest time for the travel companies I expect with trips being taken, in number, right up until next Christmas as everyone tries to get their leave in. Think of your new shed, your barbeque and the state of your lawn. It’s January again, start planning for the summer and try and think around the new shape of your years. You’ll probably see more sunshine than you would if you were at work.


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