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COVID-19 Anxiety Advice from Nick Clark -Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist

The next few weeks is likely to see an increase of cases, deaths and pictures of English hospitals full to capacity as the infections passed on before lockdown become more noticeable and recorded.

We are heading towards the spike already seen in other countries. It will be a difficult time for anxiety sufferers as our brains start to look for parallels in our own experiences to determine our emotional response. Of course, there are none so we easily latch on to films and books as real life begins to draw startling comparisons to apocalyptic movies.

If you’re already anxious then maybe watching more of those will only heighten that fear. Superficially you may be able to rationalise that what you’re watching and reading is fiction but your unconscious could have a different view and absorb subliminal information and images to justify an increase in your fear and anxiety.

Don’t be afraid to escape into a different world; the more sugar-coated the better. Read something fun and lightweight and steer clear of the heavy, traumatic movies. Escapism is much better.

Get the news twice a day, preferably from reliable media, but then turn it off. Rolling news is repetitively hammering home negative images and thoughts into your head. Independent news and all newspapers rely on the public to keep themselves solvent so be aware that their agenda of sensationalism is primarily for entertainment not information. Be mindful to make sure you obtain the facts wherever possible.

You are responsible and in control of what goes into your head! Be careful of what you watch and read both in fact and fiction.


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