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Community and Kindness

What is going on all around the Covid-19 crisis all around the world is truly terrible. So much sadness and fear.

But also out of this has come so much goodness.

People have re-connected, communities have come together to look after one another, individuals have had time to realise what is important to them.

The work of the Southwell Torpedo’s here in Southwell and everyone who has volunteered for it has been outstanding and showed the true meaning of Community.

The Hearty Goodfellow making soup for the elderly.

The beautiful rainbows that all of the children have created via ‘From My window’ group has cheered me up every day and brought a smile to my face. I LOVE seeing them, and there are more and more appearing every day. I will ALWAYS remember this.

A few areas have put up lines where you can pin your messages, thoughts and ideas. I know Westhorpe have one and so does Newark Road – How amazing is that and how special is it too?

People are communicating more on their daily walks, smiling, saying hello, CONNECTING.

I think people have appreciated the value of local businesses who have gone out of their way to adapt and change the way their business normally works to fit in with the situation.

Let’s hope that when this is all over – (and It will be, we will get through this!), we remember these special and precious things, that we stay as one as a Community, that we remember to support local businesses, remember to stay CONNECTED and to just be kind to one another, and ourselves.


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