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Being Kind is Contagious

Did you know that BEING KIND is CONTAGIOUS?

Apparently ONE act of kindness can lead to and affect up to 125 people because of the rippling effect BEING KIND has.

When we are KIND it releases hormones that also make ourselves feel good, so you are not only helping the person you are being kind to, you are also helping YOU! it really is a WIN/WIN situation.

Being kind does not always mean you have to spend money. It can be something as little as just sending someone a text to let them know how much you value their friendship, give a friend you have not been in touch with for a while a text/phone call, write the postman a thank you note for delivering our mail. Phone loved ones to say how much we really do love them.

It can mean smiling at someone and saying hello and ask how they are when you are out on your daily exercise, then just take a minute and see how that makes YOU feel?

I got these little notes from Cassie my daughter yesterday for my birthday and they mean soooo much to me.

I received this bracelet from a friend through the post… I loved it and it made me feel happy because it shows she cares and is thinking of me.

Sometimes it is the little things we do that mean the most. Just letting other people know we care or they are cared for, or appreciated.

There are so many people out there at the moment who are doing massive acts of kindness to help others through these unusual times.

When we clap for the NHS every Thursday night, just acknowledge how that makes YOU feel also.

Being kind is Contagious and is as beneficial for the person giving it as the person receiving it.

Try it! Do something kind for someone today and see just how great it makes you feel.


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