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Be kind to yourself

This week is Mental Health awareness week and I am so delighted to see that the theme for 2020 is ‘kindness’

I love the quote below I saw by Ruby Wax.

As most of you who have been following Southwell Wellbeing Centre for a while know ‘be kind to yourself’ is our mantra.

I couldn’t agree more with Ruby’s quote ....if you can’t be kind to yourself and you are not right then how can we look after and take care of our families and others, be on top of our game at work ? Don’t beat yourself up for not getting everything done, being on top of everything.... it doesn’t matter. Don’t feel guilty to take time for yourself, do something that you love and Is for you ... you deserve it!! If you have a tough day.. be kind to yourself and know that tomorrow will be better. If it is not and the days turn into weeks and months .. be kind to yourself and talk to someone. Life can be tough and if you are struggling with low mood, anxiety, low self esteem try not to be hard on yourself ... it is a lot more common than we think and there is help and support available and a way through to the other side. Southwell Wellbeing Centre has mental wellbeing services that can still be accessed remotely if needed and when we are back in service a range of holistic treatments that are beautiful, effective and totally relaxing ... Being kind to yourself is really the best gift you can give yourself... once I realised and truly believed and practiced this... it changed my life, my perspective, and my self acceptance. #bekindtoyourself💕💕 #weareheretohelp❤️


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