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Be Kind to Yourself

‘BE KIND TO YOURSELF’ – is the Southwell Wellbeing Centre Mantra. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this saying as it is true in every aspect of life and I believe it applies to many circumstances within our lives.

In this busy life we live (even in lock down), there is so much pressure for us to do ‘the right thing’, be the perfect everything (wife, husband, mum, dad, boss, cook, fitness guru .. the list goes on ) and often that is just not achievable (and anyway who decided what the right thing is??)

We are all unique and that is FANTASTIC!

Cut yourself some slack and really try don’t try and compare yourself to the next person, just be you, because YOU ARE ENOUGH!

You are doing your best and that is ALL anyone can ask – NO ONE STARTS OUT TO FAIL and if we keep telling ourselves and our mind that we constantly are failing, it will believe it! And this is no good at all for our mental wellbeing or mood.

So try to stop judging yourself on that and do not put that excess pressure on yourself. Appreciate what you have got done, what you have enjoyed doing in that day and how GREAT it made you FEEL – BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

We say this to our children all of the time … just do your best, that is good enough…. Yet as adults we no longer associate that with ourselves.

Learn to say NO to things you know are going to stress you out to achieve.

If we are constantly setting up ourselves to fail, we are going to constantly feel rubbish about ourselves.

So the reason I love the Mantra BE KIND TO YOURSELF – Is because it allows me to stop giving myself a hard time! It allows you to cut yourself some slack and give yourself a pat on the back for the things you ARE achieving rather than the things you are not! This feeling gives us a sense of achievement and then we send these messages to our brain in a positive happy way, which then releases even more happy hormones that make us feel good. IT IS A WIN WIN!

Give yourself time for yourself, do something for YOU. Breathe, listen to that podcast you have been meaning to listen to, read that magazine, have a cup of tea……. It is sooo important to realise that if we are not kind to ourselves first and foremost, how can we expect to look after the rest of the family and our loved ones?

We should NEVER FEEL GUILTY for being kind to ourselves and it is certainly NOT selfish. It is an act of kindness to YOU.



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