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August Newsletter

If I am totally honest, it has been a very testing couple of months for us all at Southwell Wellbeing Centre.

However, we have pulled through and we are BACK!

A brand new way of working but still completely feasible, professional and relaxing.

All our Covid Regulations & Risk Assessments for Southwell Wellbeing Centre are available at the Centre and will be added to our website too.

In addition to this, as all of our therapists are self-employed and are part of very different governing bodies and associations, each therapist has their own COVID guidelines and regulations that they will be working with also.

Sadly we have had to close our lovely reception for the time being to minimise risk, and visits to the Centre are strictly by appointment only so as each therapist has different rules and regulations between sessions, the on line booking system is suspended at the moment. So here are all of our therapists details to contact for that well overdue appointment.

Seti Singleton Leo – Soft Tissue Therapist – 07565 297830

Jacqui Peet – Remedial Massage – 07814 589936

Jill Harbey – Reflexology & Reiki Practitioner–

Text Jill on 07810 712737

Jane Ratcliffe – Reflexology & Reiki Practitioner

Jacquie Whur – Clinical Hypnotherapist – 07793 074565

Nick Clark – Psychotherapist/Counsellor/Hypnotherapist

Jennifer Waters – Wellbeing Coach & Meditation - 07734 419255

Malena Hallahan – Chartered Psychologist – 07581 710208


Mariam Donovan – Registered Nutritional Therapist

New members of our team who I would like to give a very big welcome to are:

Angela Fawcett – who practices The Bowen Technique.

Click here to learn more about Bowen

Fiona Cameron – Physiotherapist


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