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Positive Affirmations

Anyone who has visited Southwell Wellbeing Centre will know I am a HUGE fan of inspirational quotes, phrases and sayings, the Centre is full of them.

The reason I love them so much is that they give me POSITIVE ‘food for thought’ every day.

It takes my mind to another place. It gives me that positive/optimistic feeling in my tummy, instead of that awful weight bearing anxious feeling I absolutely hate! It gives me hope and belief that I can get through, I can do this!

Positive thinking is ‘when we consciously cultivate positivity in our minds so that we think we can get through anything. And it has been scientifically proven to improve your work life, physical and mental health and relationships.’

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I find this extremely hard, particularly when I am having completely sleepless nights due to anxiety or my anxiety has completely just taken over my head…… BUT even when I am feeling this way….. I still KNOW and TRULY BELIEVE that POSITIVITY breeds POSITIVITY, that by believing these quotes I can change my mindset and more than not I do!

By adopting a positive mindset our resilience increases, the messages we send to our brain about our mindset changes and we can think and embrace these quotes with positivity and optimism, which in turn makes us feel more confident, content and secure.

Negative thoughts and emotions on the other hand, can skew our perspective and in the long term , damage our self-esteem.

Change is made when we take regular, easily achievable, small steps….. Try reading a positive affirmation or thought each day, it could really help.


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