Mindful Immersion Courses

During this 15 week coaching/mentor course you will be given all the tools you

need to move forward with a deep level of understanding of the core pillars of the

Mindfulness practice.

Are you ready to live a life of presence?

Are you ready to start walking the path of authenticity?

Are you ready to learn the tools of stress reduction, wholeness, and deep levels of


Are you ready to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE and in doing so TRANSFORM THE


If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the right place for


This is the most in-depth mentorship course available.

Whilst there are many training programs out there, most don't offer a customised

program that includes many hours of one-on-one coaching, allowing you to truly live

a present life, with compassion and healing for your past and preparing you for a

more authentic and fulfilled future.

Our program is an immersive program, meaning you will be given all the tools you

need to practice through each of the 3 modules of this Course.

• Weekly Workshops aligned with the practice and module.

• Online Meditations for a full year from the start date of the course.

• Weekly Private Coaching/Mentoring Sessions with Sam Wilson

• All Books and Reading Materials Included

• Obtain the knowledge and skills to overcome roadblocks and identify


• Find your unique voice and a deeper spirituality in the practice.

• Learn the history and various types and styles of meditation and align with

the ones you connect with.

• Learn how to Hold Space and Set Boundaries and how they are in important

parts of the practice.

• Discover the Roadblocks and Limitations you can let go of

• Develop a deep sense of inner peace and equanimity

Workshops & Courses can be taken at Southwell Wellness Centre or online.

Enquire or call Sam on 07904188591

Investment £390 per module (Payment plans available)