Introducing 'The Bowen Technique

We are really happy to introduce Angela Fawcett who is practising Bowen Therapy at Southwell Wellbeing Centre.

Bowen is a hands-on holistic therapy.... gentle, relaxing, non -invasive and effective!

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, holistic therapy consisting of a series of moves across muscle, tendon and other soft tissue.

Suitable for all ages, Bowen Therapy has been observed to help a wide range of  physical, systemic and emotional conditions.

Subtle, relaxing and non-invasive, relief is regularly felt immediately, with most cases responding within 48 hours. 

The Bowen Technique uses a gentle rolling action over soft tissue to stimulate a signal to the brain. Using the fingers or thumbs on specific areas, the therapist applies gentle pressure to bring about a movement of the tissue. 

There are breaks within the treatment session where the therapist leaves the room and the client is left alone to rest. This rest time allows the body to rebalance itself

There is no hard tissue manipulation or high velocity movement involved, no massaging or use of oils and no deep or prolonged pressure applied.

The majority of the moves can be performed through light clothing such as tee shirts and leggings.

I have recently had three sessions with Angela, and I cannot believe how much it has loosened off my shoulders, I will definitely be booking in for my monthly follow up soon.

For more details please check out The Bowen page on our website.

Angela can be contacted at Angela Fawcett Bowen Therapy

07801 257 081

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