Soft tissue therapy techniques have been recorded as being used by athletes and warriors for thousands of years. From housework to house building, gardening to marathon running, our bodies need to be kept in optimal condition.


Soft tissue therapy covers a combination of techniques that may include: massage, neuromuscular techniques, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release and mechanical treatments.


We would position Seti, our soft tissue specialist somewhere between a sports massage and Physio, so if you have a specific area of concern, Seti is the one to see.


To ensure the continued wellbeing of clients, all treatments begin with a consultation, to allow your therapist to assess if, or what technique of Soft Tissue is correct for you. Your therapist will then explain exactly what they intend to do, what areas of the body they intend to treat and how to treat them and will tell you if they need to work on the skin or through clothing.


Soft tissue therapy can be used and is very beneficial when there is a specific area of concern. Alternatively it can be used as part of a sports massage treatment.


It is highly effective and allows for the client to have a full treatment on the first appointment (subject to assessment). The techniques and tools used allow for a deep massage or release without the excessive pain.


The benefits of Soft Tissue Therapies are: •    Relief from muscle strain and tension •    Improved range of movement in joints •    Increased flexibility •    Recovery from training sessions •    A general sense of health and wellbeing


NB. Soft tissue therapies should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.

Soft Tissue Appointments with Seti: 

Available Fridays 9 - 7pm at Southwell Wellbeing Centre


Tel: 07565297830

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