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‘Herbal Medicine for a naturally healthy life’

What is a Medical Herbalist?

A Medical Herbalist is a Primary Healthcare Practitioner that facilitates the use of plant medicine and understands the Holistic approach to healthcare.

This is achieved by undergoing extensive training by completing a BSc (Hons) degree and 2 years Postgraduate training.
This enables the understanding and competent practice of anatomy & physiology, pathology, phytochemistry, biochemistry, therapeutics of plant medicine, nutrition, psychology and over 500 hours of clinical training.  In addition to this medical herbalists also have an understanding of how herbs interact with pharmaceutical medicine.


What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is the oldest system of medicine in the world and is still the most widely used today. 
Today there are many challenges that we face such as:
    •    Stress
    •    Pollution 
    •    Side effects and resistance to drugs 
    •    Diabetes 
    •    Heart disease and high blood pressure
    •    Hormonal imbalance 
    •    Mental health issues.

In contrast to this we also know more about our bodies, how they function and what they need to heal and protect them.
With this in mind more and more people are looking to the benefits of herbal medicine. This form of medicine works with the body’s own defence system in a gentle way, to provide long term relief from not only physical disease but also mental and emotional ones.

As well as the above, most conditions that you visit your GP for are applicable for Herbal Medicine.

For example:
    •    Digestive problems
    •    Circulatory problems
    •    Skin complaints
    •    Sleep
    •    Emotional Issues
    •    Muscular Skeletal aches and pains
    •    Respiratory conditions
    •    ADHD (Which is our Herbalist’s specialised subject.
    •    AND MANY MORE 

Who can benefit from Herbal Medicine

All age groups from infants to elderly. Patients who are receiving treatment from their doctor may also be supported, because only the use of herbs which will NOT interact with other medications are prescribed.

How does it work? 

The whole plant is often used in the preparations, including barks, flowers, leaves, roots and buds. Because plants and trees are living things, they provide valuable and effective therapeutic activity due to their complex chemical natures, resulting in certain therapeutic effects.
By combining the therapeutic effects of the plant and the philosophical approach that the mind and body are one and so should be treated this way in times of disease and illness, Caroline (The Willow Tree Medical Herbalist) is able to facilitate an holistic approach to healthcare.

To sum up her approach she treats the INDIVIDUAL not the SYMPTOM.


How is it made?

Caroline has her own herbal pharmacy and makes the Medicine there.

She makes up your prescription mixing 9 herbal tinctures, by hand, herself, that are bespoke to YOUR needs and requirements.

There are several preparations which are used which include; alcohol, water, honey, oil, glycerine or powders. So depending on the condition and Caroline’s choice of application, will depend on the preparation used.
Each preparation/prescription is bespoke to the individual and is the result of an in-depth case history consultation.

Herbal teas, capsules and creams can also be prescribed and made by Caroline specifically for you - nothing is bought off the shelf.

What are the costs?


Initial consultation £50 + 2 weeks medicine (220ml) £22 = £72  (medicine is minimum dose of 110ml per week @ £11)

Follow up consultation £25 + 4 weeks medicine (440ml) £44 = £69  ( medicine is minimum dose of 110ml per week @ £11) 


Initial consultation £40 + 2 weeks medicine (220ml) £22 = £62   (medicine is minimum dose of 110ml per week @ £11)

Follow up consultation £20 + 4 weeks medicine (440ml) £44 = £64   (medicine is minimum dose of 110ml per week @ £11) 

 Caroline makes up your prescription and either posts it out to you (£5 additional for postage and packaging) or you can collect from The Southwell Wellbeing Centre from Friday lunchtime.

In certain circumstances or conditions that require more than the standard dose or supplements additional costs can be incurred, but this will be discussed in the consultation.

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