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Hello I am Claire Tavenor

Founder / Owner Southwell Wellbeing Centre.

Claire opened Southwell Wellbeing Centre in April 2019 with a big dream to inspire, motivate and encourage others to ‘be kind to yourself.’  ​There was and still is a very valid and genuine reason for this.​

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My Story

Claire founded Southwell Wellbeing Centre in April 2019 with the goal of inspiring, motivating, and encouraging others to prioritise self-care. Her unwavering belief in this philosophy drove her to become a Belief Coding®️ and full potential coach. Offering Mind Navigation®️, mindfulness & meditation, breath work and essential oils.


This was driven by her personal experience of pushing herself too hard in exercise, leading to chronic pain and injury, as well as struggles with postnatal depression and anxiety. Through counseling, hypnotherapy, mindfulness practices, and other forms of self-care, Claire learned the importance of treating the mind and body as interconnected and the importance of self-care for not just herself, but for her family and clients as well. The Southwell Wellbeing Centre is a welcoming space for people of all ages and genders to focus on their overall wellbeing.

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