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Female Empowerment Coaching

What is Female Empowerment Coaching?


“Combining sacred and transformative tools to heal and empower females through all stages of their cyclical life”

All sessions are unique and personal to the needs of each woman, based around your goals, healing needs and aspirations.

Perhaps you are you looking for ....

• Confidence in your decisions and the ability to speak, walk and step into your truth and in doing so live a more purposeful and authentic life.
• To understand your body more, by feeling empowered by its natural rhythms and unlocking your feminine flow.
• Up-Levelling your intimacy by re-energising your sensual union with yourself and your beloved.
• Increase your physical and emotional ability to receive and give love. By healing wounds and releasing old stories and relationships.
• Live a life of less reaction and worry. By balancing blocks and alchemizing your mind, body and spirit.


As a healer and coach I have many tools to support you and guide you along your journey, so that you not only transform; but also feel EMPOWERED by your own abilities as you continue on your path.

We start with your intention, based on what you are wishing to claim and shed. I listen, and hear you and ensure you remain connected to your vision, whilst remaining curious and open to expansion.

Each session is 1 to 2 hours and a program is created together based on your individual needs.

Sam's clients have said ...

Sam is an immensely gifted healer and incredibly loving human being. I had the most profound hour and one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life in just her standard reiki session.

 I would have paid $1000 for the pure light that Sam’s commitment to her own healing and growth allowed her to channel to me.
I am so so grateful for her and already signed up to train under her!

I highly recommend you work with her. Everything she does is powerful, magical, pure love and light that few truly have the space to offer.

Sam is simply a lovely ray of light! You can’t help but feel nurtured and comfortable in her presence.

Sam is an absolute angel. After finishing my cancer treatment I felt very lost and confused. It’s been almost 3 months and I continue to feel this way. When I start my week off with a session from Sam it always puts me at peace. It gives me a sense of calm and puts me in a very good place. I truly don’t know how I would get through without Sam.

I couldn't quite describe it but only think... where has this been my whole life? With stress and anxiety being something I had battled with for so long, I just don't know how I could have ever gone without it. It's unlike anything else I had experienced and it has seamlessly carried into my daily life. She welcomes you in as if you are simply an old friend; making you feel completely safe and comfortable. I left feeling cleansed, refreshed, centred, and at peace. It was as if the weight had literally been lifted off my shoulders and I realised I didn't have to let myself carry that anymore.

Sam Wilson is dedicated to the healing practises of Mindfulness, Meditation, Sound, Energy Healing, Female Empowerment coaching and Womb Wisdom.

Sam started her path over 20 years ago when she was introduced to Reiki and is now certified at Master levels in many modalities and is also the lead teacher for Meditate: School of Mindfulness England.

To work with Sam, please email and we can
arrange your free Wellness chat.


Frequently asked questions ....
Can I book a single session ?
Yes! Single sessions are £55 per hour and are an option for a specific area of concern.
Do I need to see you in person?
No, whilst i love to meet you in person, i work with clients from all over our beautiful world via Skype or Zoom .
Do I need to have womb?
Short answer is No, if you identify as female, are Gender-fluid or non-binary, this is a safe space for you. Likewise, if you have had a hysterectomy, you still hold a energy centre in your womb space.
Do you except Amex?
Yes! I except Amex, MasterCard and Visa.


In person appointments
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 10am - 330pm Wednesday 6pm - 830pm
Friday 10am-1230pm
Saturday 8am - 10.30am


Sam Wilson
Contact Sam via email to or call 07904188591 

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