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Be Kind to Yourself UK by Claire Tavernor

I am really so excited to introduce ‘Be Kind to Yourself UK’.


This concept came about whilst I have been writing posts for Southwell Wellbeing Centre over the past year.


The more I talk to people, the more I think that we are all under so much pressure to be the ‘perfect’ everything.


But what is the ‘perfect’ everything? And is it achievable?


For me now, no it is not, and nor do I want it to be.


I have learnt after lots of years of suffering with low mood, self- doubt, imposter syndrome and anxiety that ‘perfect’ is just not for me. It is just far too much pressure!


What I am so grateful for is that over the last few years I have learnt to love myself. It has not been an easy journey, but honestly the feeling I got when I did get there is so empowering, so liberating and just so beautiful….. and still is!


Sometimes, it has taken us years to get into these negative thought processes so we cannot expect for it all to change overnight.


But my aim is for other people to experience this amazing feeling, I want them to truly believe that they are enough, there is a way through and that there is always light at the end of any tunnel.


I would love to empower people to be kind to themselves.


Find easy wins, take small steps to get there.


This concept is all about taking very small steps gradually to a better you. A contented you who does not feel guilty for having time to yourself, doing something for you, putting yourself first.


It is the reason Southwell Wellbeing Centre was created. I wanted people to realise that we all have times when we struggle, when we do not feel enough, when we just need some time out to ourselves …… we really do just need to cut ourselves some slack and ‘be kind to ourselves’.

Whilst at the Centre, I discovered doTERRA oils, which have completely changed my approach to supporting my emotionals and wellbeing in a natural way - One oil that can calm your emotions can also be used for a natural way to clean your house. They are so versatile!

Believe me, I am miles away from being ‘perfect’ and that is absolutely fine with me.


I like a glass of wine (or two), love my coffees, like eating ‘naughty’ food and I need to eliminate my toxic load…… 


BUT .... I want to do this in a sustainable, affordable and achievable way, without any pressure!


I am now also a fully qualified, Level 3 NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Personal Trainer and want to incorporate my knowledge and experience from this too.


Let’s start taking very small steps to a new you. A you that doesn’t try and do everything at once but makes little changes gradually to a happier, healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.  Let’s all start and be just a little bit more kind to ourselves.



Much love 


Claire xx

Email: claire@bekindtoyourselfuk.com

Tel: 07812033150