Sarah Carley – Level 4 Beauty Specialist offering Microblading, Thread Vein, Face- Millia & Skin Tag Removal
Sarah has been a beauty therapist for over 13 years and loves every aspect of her job. She is the owner of Complexions in Daybrook and has expanded into the areas of beauty with a more specialist nature such as Microblading, thread veins and skin tag removal.

I have known Claire for over 15 years and love the ethos she has for her business and her vision- I was keen to expand into Southwell and am delighted to join the team. 


Microblading is a form of semi permanent tattoo using a hand held tool to enhance the look of the brows or even create a brow. Fine hair like strokes with the blade leave a natural looking brow that will be there when you wake up - go swimming- finish the gym etc. No more drawing them in everyday!

Microblading would benefit anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their brows - it can even them out - replace gaps - re shape etc. Consultations are complimentary and a patch test is essential.

The cost is £240 with an introductory price of £225 for treatments booked before 2019 end. The price includes patch test, consultation, first treatment and follow up appointment 6-8 weeks afterwards.

Maintenance is essential to keep the look and top ups are advised annually at a cost of £95


Facial thread veins can be unsightly and give an appearance of redness to the skin and can be ageing. 

Appearing like red cotton under the skin these can be removed with a minor cosmetic procedure using sterex needles a mild galvanic current and diathermy (heated needles).

Consultation is complimentary with treatment at £85 per session.
Treatment can often be given in the same session as the consultation.



Both of these are now classed as cosmetic removals and are not readily available on the NHS . 
They both can be removed by an ACP (Advanced Cosmetic Procedure) practitioner and heals within 2 weeks or often sooner.
Consultation is complimentary and treatment can be done at time of consultation. Prices range from £85 per session.



Milia, also often known as milk spots are hardened deposits that sit under the surface of the skin. There is no natural exit point for them so squeezing them will only bruise the skin and break small capillaries around it. These can be removed using two separate methods depending on the Milia.
Consultation is complimentary and treatment can be done on the same day - costing from £85 per session.

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